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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I download my order?

A: You will immediately receive an email from UC, which will include your download links.  Mac users simply click the link and it drops to your download folder.  PC users might have to "right click" each song and "save as", then direct it to the folder you want it to land in.

Q:  What is the "Bundle Option" about?

A:  Each song has at least 4 individual options. Some songs have more, depending on if the song offers hand motions or HD. The bundle option gives you the opportunity to get all of the options available for that song in one simple package using one simple click, and at a much reduced price.

Q:  What is a “Sound Trax”?

A:  Sound Trax versions include everything but the lead vocal. All background vocals and instruments are included. Only the lead vocal is removed so that you, a leader, or one of your children can actually lead the song using their own voice.

Q:  Which songs have HD?

A:  All songs from Volume 13 and higher have HD options for both original and sound trax versions.  (Also songs in the "More UC Songs" category are available in HD.)

Q:  Which songs have motions?

A:  Click here to download a free PDF with a description of all of our Made 2 Praise songs, Vol 1-15. Each song description includes tempo, topic, and indicates if the song has motions or sign language.

Q:  Do your songs come in split trax?

A:  No, all of our songs are recorded in full stereo versions. Even our sound trax are in stereo, (minus the lead vocals).

Q:  Do kids sing on your songs?

A:  No. Our leads are mostly carried by me, and some songs are led by my former singing partners Rachel Sanchez Currier and Jagee Melton.

Q:  Can I share your music videos on YouTube?

A:  We’re sorry, but sharing our material on You Tube for public view is forbidden, because it is copyrighted material and it must be purchased.

Q:  Why is your stage name “Uncle Charlie”?

A:  I was given that name by orphan children in Uganda, East Africa. I went there 4 years in a row to lead worship for over 1000 orphan children under the care of Watoto Childcare Ministries. In that country, children who speak English are taught to address all adults by the terms Uncle and Auntie. That’s their term of respect for their elders.