Kids Worship Coaching Digital Bundle


When we say “Get your kids excited about worship”, it goes beyond leading them to a joyful and meaningful experience singing songs to Him and about Him. We understand that the songs we lead kids to sing work together to instill a mindset of excitement for loving and serving God as a lifestyle!


This Downloadable PDF shares great tips about creating a Kid-Friendly worship experience, How to lead with Purpose and Balance, Helpful Tips as you lead, Getting Boys involved and much more!


This worship digital bundle includes 7 Videos with Quick 3 minute video tips to help you Effectively Lead Children’s Worship!

Video 1 Get Kids Excited Intro
Video 2 Be Contagious
Video 3 Engaging Kids While Learning Motions
Video 4 Engaging Kids During Songs
Video 5 Teaching Through Music
Video 6 Lead in Teams
Video 7 Random Coaching Tips



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