Get Your Kids Excited About Worship PDF


When we say “Get your kids excited about worship”, it goes beyond leading them to a joyful and meaningful experience singing songs to Him and about Him. We understand that the songs we lead kids to sing work together to instill a mindset of excitement for loving and serving God as a lifestyle!

This Downloadable PDF shares great tips about creating a Kid-Friendly worship experience, How to lead with Purpose and Balance, Helpful Tips as you lead, Getting Boys involved and much more!



Charlie Bancroft, aka Uncle Charlie, has traveled the country since the year 2000 serving as a para-church kids worship leader. His stage name “Uncle Charlie” was given to him in Uganda, East Africa.  Charlie traveled to Uganda four consecutive years to lead worship at a kids camp for approximately 1,000 orphan children under the care of Watoto Child Care Ministries.  In Uganda, children who speak English address all adults as “Uncles and Aunties” as a term of endearment for their elders.

In Uncle Charlie’s travels, he and his praise team have conducted hundreds of family concerts, kids praise rallies and kids camps for children’s groups of all sizes and denominations. Uncle Charlie’s thoughts on the topic “Get Your Kids Excited About Worship” stem from his many years of experience leading kids in worship. Charlie has had the benefit of finding out what works and what doesn’t work with kids through years of trial and error. He has also had the privilege of being able to observe successful kids worship in various children’s ministries.

Charlie wrote this handbook in order to encourage and better equip those who are, or hope to be leading kids worship in a local church or camp setting or traveling ministry. Charlie understands that every situation is unique and leaders have their own styles. These are simply ideas that have worked for him over the years. We feel that because Charlie’s principles and ideas have been tried, tested and found to be successful, that they can help you as you minister through kids worship. Simply take the parts you can use and adapt them to your situation.


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